The Riddle Project is led by Nathalie Cooke, Associate Dean of ROAAr, and includes an energetic team of research assistants as well as collaborators from across the departments of the McGill Library. Librarians, digitization specialists, cataloguers and researchers will work together to shed new light on the newly identified sub-genre of Enigmatical Bills of Fare (EBoFs), as well as working to research, transcribe, and solve riddles from early manuscripts.

The Team

Prof. Nathalie Cooke, Associate Dean of ROAAr and project lead

Leehu Sigler, project coordinator and current masters student in English

Andrea Wahba, MISt graduate 2018 and current masters student in English

Chelsea Woodhouse, MSc. and first year MISt student

Deniz Cevik, M.A History, 2016 and MISt Information Studies, 2020

Julia Trolio, research assistant and current undergraduate student in Psychology

Former team members

Nora Shaalan, former project manager and masters student in English

Nathan Drezner, developer and undergraduate student in English and Computer Science

Owen Lewis, undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics